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Hedge Trimming

Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting is usually required in gardens that require landscaping, in the roadside with untrimmed hedges, bush, or trees that need shaping to achieve a picturesque, clean, and eco-friendly community.

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Arborists from Alpine Tree Surgeons know how and when to trim hedges, and what tools to use. They begin by looking at the hedges with their branches sticking out, like an uncombed hair, and get rid of these before they proceed to prune. The principle of trimming goes primarily to making beautiful shapes of plants and convert the place in its cleanest form.

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Hedges serve as borders or boundary in an attractive way. When you see a garden with well-trimmed hedges, it is no doubt tended by a professional gardener or someone adept in tree pruning and surgery. Occasionally, hedges are trimmed. The shapes are kept and the growth of hedges are taken cared of just like ordinary plants that need watering and fertilisers. Proper maintenance is key to having desirable hedges that add beauty to one’s property.

Ask our friendly staff on the maintenance of hedges in your area. They will inspect the type of plant species to be pruned so that they will determine when to come again for pruning.

Environmentalists are aware that hedge cutting is sometimes compromised in some months due to birds that keep on nesting there. If you are not aware of this, check with your local government when is the time to legally trim your hedges in your backyard, as certain laws limit hedge cutting to protect some species, or ask the assistance of our staff for the best times of hedge trimming in your area.

Alpine Tree Surgeons offer hedge cutting in the areas of the UK, throughout Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Guildford, and will open to new areas soon.

Hedge cutting is done by specialists, and this is a job of tree surgeons or arborists. These people, our tradespeople, should be qualified arborists, with special skills and knowledge in all aspects of tree surgery, hedge cutting, and landscaping at the same time observing local laws to preserve our natural resources and to keep a green environment. The years of experience are significant to the success of every undertaking. They are trained to operate high-powered tools, work in aerial heights while keeping in mind the essence of their performance to the betterment of our surroundings and community.

Alpine Tree Surgeons also offer tree planting, tree pruning, tree shaping, and tree removal at very competitive prices; we always remove and recycle the green waste.

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