Guildford Tree Surgeon Offers 5 Top Tips on Choosing the Right Contractor

The works of a tree surgeon is a highly risky job, and this is not to be shrugged off. They face life-threatening situations in the field when they cut down trees. When it comes to situations where you need the service of a tree surgeon, you don’t simply hire anyone else just because they know how to cut a tree in your backyard. Call the experts.

Holding and wielding the axe is not enough, because it is not all there is, concerning tree cutting.

tree stump

In Guildford, Alpine Tree Surgeons offer five important tips in choosing the right contractor for any tree felling job. The company has taken its leap to extend its service and make it a point that it covers the areas where tree felling, pruning, and cutting are most demanded.

  1. Qualification is important. Many skilled men and women can do tough jobs such as tree felling. But tree surgery is a job where one is required to have both education and skill. Academic qualification helps one to know the science behind the job itself. Similar to taking courses in college when one needs to concentrate on a certain subject matter, tree surgery has its own field, too. A contractor with good education about trees and the underlying roles a tree surgeon should possess will qualify him to do live jobs.
  2. Membership and accreditation. Earning accreditation from known industries is a good rating for one’s report card. For example, is your tree surgeon a member of the Arboricultural Association and Tree Care Industry Association? Or has he gained an NPTC certification? The City & Guilds Land Based Services certification is a strong affiliation a contractor can use for his credentials.
  3. Language in the field is important. Have you ever encountered someone who has less idea what he is talking about? A doctor cannot fake his identity, and you suspect a con man if he is ignorant of some medical terms and jargon. A genuine tree surgery contractor is shown in the manner of his speech.
tree surgeon at work
  1. Skill in handling equipment is a must. Tree felling involves using heavy equipment and power tools. A certified tree surgeon must have the skill in using or operating them. Get to know the tools needed in cutting or pruning trees from Alpine Tree Surgeons.
  2. A legitimate tree surgery contractor can issue a detailed quote. What’s important in a business when a contractor is able to issue a detailed quote when the customer asks for it. Many bogus contractors or fly-by-night companies could not be able to furnish documents that state their legalities in the industry. Never bump into these kinds of negotiators as they will run away with your money only to serve their selfish purpose.

When you choose Alpine Tree Surgeons, you have come to the right place. They have a pool of experienced and certified tree surgeons ready to serve Guildford and its surrounding areas. Their people’s safety and yours as well are guaranteed as they embark on the job fully equipped, overcoming the most difficult task in the community.

Call the office of Alpine Tree Surgeons or visit their website if you have any further concerns or queries.

Tree Care Professionals in Guildford Release Photos of Work

An established tree care service company for 20 years has been continuing its legacy of professional tree maintenance in Guildford. Handling tree management, landscaping, hedge cutting, tree surveys, assistance on tree preservation, and all aspects of tree surgery are what Alpine Tree Surgeons in Guildford is busy about.

Tree surgery: an integral service in the towns of the UK

In England, tree preservation is a valuable undertaking to achieve a green environment and a society that is healthy and sustainable. If you look around, the evergreen surrounding is a work of art credited to professional dedication of businesses like Alpine Tree Surgeons. They ought to reach every property owner of residential or business who has lawns that need tending or inspecting with regards to tree removal or tree preservation.

All professional work

Their staff are certified professionals and highly educated to handle risky jobs and life-threatening tree climbing for the betterment of the community.

tree surgery and crane lifting a tree

Arborists and tree surgeons also work on removing tree stumps. Tree stumps may pose a threat in many forms. Alpine continue to serve customers that need their lawn to get rid of problematic stumps. They use powered tools that take out the stump, saving more valuable time.

Tree surgeons work on trees alongside the road to ensure clear roadways. Many trees that align the streets impede the movement of pedestrians and vehicles when these trees have extended branches and overgrown leaves, and when large roots destroy the pavement. The Guildford company cooperate with the government for such instances.

Another important role the tree surgeons in Guildford evaluate trees for the presence of a cavity or fungal infection. Trees that are infested with fungus are harmful to other trees and plants.


Guildford Tree Service and Stump Removal

Stump grinding in Guildford involves using light and heavy tools. The one used above is a high-powered stump grinder to facilitate faster removal especially when the work involved the removal of several stumps.
These Photos of Alpine Tree Surgeons Guildford at work are inspirational symbols to other areas of the UK. For many years, serving Guildford in tree care, the professionals in Alpine cover extensive and comprehensive tree management in Westbourne, Haslemere, Waterlooville, Miland, Winchester, and Fareham towns on services like fencing, hedge cutting, authorities, and emergency call-outs.
This company undertakes paperwork with regards to the Tree Preservation Ordinance (TPO). If you are a tree owner, you will find TPO interesting and compelling to learn about.

The above photo shows a highly trained team member making sure the removal of extremely high treetops is carried out safely. Tree mismanagement by tree owners can pose danger to human lives, too. This is where expert tree felling is called for. Part of Alpine Tree Surgeons commitment to its clients is their 24-hour emergency call-out. If there are situations you feel would qualify as emergencies, get assistance anytime through their hotlines.

For more interesting information, reach out to their staff or ask their professional tree surgeons or visit their website.